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Favorite Bands:999,AFI, (the)Ramones,Clash,Sex pistols,Judas priest, U.K subs,Blitz, the germs, the damned,butthole surfers..many more


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Favorite Bands:Against Me.Exploding Hearts.Dead Boys.The Boys.The Kids.The Stills.The Sounds.The Postal Service.The Briefs.New York Dolls.The Germs.Velvet Underground.Johnny FUCKIN' Thunders.On Broken Wings.The Vibrators.Chelsea.The Undertones.The Carpettes.The Modern Lovers.Nikki and The Corvettes.The Ramones. Blitz.T-Rex.Richard Hell.Television.The Crack.Broken Bones.RAMBO.

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    Richard Hell and the Voioids

Nobody Knows Fucking GG Allin..ILL KILL EM'!

Name:Marc (HaggardxMarc)
Favorite Bands: CKY GG Allin HIM Bleeding Through The Ramones The Clash Dead Kennedys Exodus Testament Overkill Slayer D.R.I. Verbal Abuse Bane Misfits Danzig The Adicts Piss Drunks/Piss Drunx Sepultura Nine Inch Nails Skinny Puppy I can go on and on...just a little taste
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    Verbal Abuse Leeches by Slayer


hey lads, i joined this shit if thats alright. Fer bands i'm into state control, discharge, good oi!, expelled, skeptix, subhumans, gbh, abrasive wheels, external menace, the adicts, broken bones, the defects, conflict, the violators, appendix, kohu-63, vice squad, m.d.c. a little bit, G'n'R, iron maiden, Skrewdriver and a lot of uk82. im from rutland vermont, and im 16. im into gg too, i saw the junkies with the singer from antiseen and the jabbers with this guy chicken singin, it was the 20th anniversary of his death, deano was there, hilarious. well im out comrades, later
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    The Enemy - Prisoner of war